Gateway to Industry Schools Program

An initiative from the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training (DESBT) and ACS

ACS is the professional association representing the ICT sector and profession in Australia. Representing over 47,000 members who work across industry, government research and education institutions and organisations, our vision is for Australia to be a world leader in technology talent that fosters innovation and creates new forms of value.

ACS’ ICT Gateway to Industry Schools program (ICT GISP) seeks to assist secondary school students and their parents with subject selection, training opportunities, connecting with industry and developing a pathway into a rewarding ICT career.

The project also provides secondary educators with opportunities to participate in professional development activities, to connect them with industry and the types of opportunities afforded through a growing sector, and to connect them with other ICT educators across the nation to collaborate, to access teaching resources and to share ideas.



The use of technology is found in most jobs however the past 12 months have highlighted four areas within technology that are capturing the imagination of students and align with economic, and industry demands. These areas of technology are significantly important for our country and state and are considered critical to our current and future economic development, and as such we have decided to focus on 4 key sectors of the digital and technology ecosystem. The 4 key sectors - which we have called pillars - are Cyber Security, Gaming, Technopreneurship, and Technology for Life. 

Below is a diagram that gives more insight into what makes up these pillars.

Cyber Security is considered a potentially exciting industry to enter, and the notion of “Hacking for good not evil” entices young people.  In addition, TV shows such as “Hunted” shows the different roles in cyber security that appeals to a wider demographic than what is stereotypically considered a cyber security role.   

Video Gaming is a lucrative industry for Australia and Queensland specifically with significant tax incentives for game studios.  It also attracts an equal number of males and females, with 47% of Gamers being female.  Research has also shown that young people who identify as neurodivergent find a place within the gaming community.   

Entrepreneurs (Technopreneurship), according to research (Financial Review April 26,2022) are younger, more diverse, and increasingly tech savvy; almost half (45 per cent) are under 35, a third (37 per cent) were born overseas and there’s been a 40 per cent increase in the number of small businesses owned by women since 2001.  The vast majority (72 per cent) viewing technology as an important part of their business. 

Technology for life, embraces aspects of digital transformation that helps sustains life; examples include, medicine, agriculture, climate, well-being, psychology, health, law and order - criminology, society, scientific research and development, geography, environment, sport, care, civil service, and entertainment. The pillar will appeal to young people who do not necessarily see their future career choices intertwined with technology however it is. 

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How Students Benefit

Technology shapes not only the way we live and the way we learn, but also the jobs we will have in the future - including those that are yet be created.

Being involved in the ICT GISP will provide students with valuable insight into what a tech career can offer, and access to unique advice and experiences that will help to validate where a career in tech could take them in the future.

How Schools Benefit

ICT Educators within the program can access a FREE online coding skills platform for students and a FREE virtual robotics simulator for support the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum and build skills for a tech career.

The program provides educators with tools, resources and professional development from industry, to understand what tech employers value and the opportunities for students looking to pursue an ICT career.

We are currently welcoming applications and Expressions of Interest will be acknowledged upon receipt. 





Access subject selection advice, experiential learning, expert mentorship and insight into how you could develop a career in the tech sector, where you could work on projects that solve some of the greatest challenges our world faces – food security, homelessness, securing our energy supply and even saving lives.

Check out all the all roles via the ICT Interactive Careers Wheel


How will you stay up to date with the rapid changes in technology and reflect these changes in your curriculum? Being involved in the ICT GISP will provide you with the latest industry updates, teaching tools, learning resources and an expanded network of ICT Educators to connect with to help make ICT education easier.

Find out what's available for you and your students.


The digital revolution is here and success will come to those who can leverage new technologies - fast and effectively. The ICT GISP delivers industry-led professional development events for educators, and career events for students, virtually, and in-person. Recorded Australian tech career stories are also available for classroom viewing.

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