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The ICT GISP is seeking local industry partners and supporters to be part of our program to undertake careers talks, to provide experiential learning experiences for both students and educators, for work experience opportunities, internships and formal ICT trainee pathways.

The program aims to provide education and career opportunities for school students and educators by connecting them with industry so they are able to make informed subject selections, apply more holistic teaching methodologies and make better decisions about a pathway into an ICT career or related industry.

This provides industry partners to help educators understand the practicalities of industry, to gain access to emerging talent that are not only motivated, but informed and skilled about their study options and entry into the workforce.

With over 13 000 new ICT roles forecast to be created in Queensland over the next 4 years, we are seeking industry partners to help us raise awareness and understanding of the career opportunities and pathways afforded through the tech sector.

Application process

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  3. We’ll work together to connect you with schools as an Industry Partner, based on your availability and resources, engaging with teachers and students to promote careers in tech



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Current Partners
Department of Education, Small Business and Investment (DESBT)
ACS Foundation

River City Labs