For Educators

The only thing constant is change. Think Kodak, Blockbuster, the daily newspaper, webinarslandlines – gone or disappearing fast. In their place emerged innovative products and companies powered by digital technology. Think Instagram, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, Facebook, the iPhone. Legacy technologies have to disrupt, or be disrupted – because the next wave of technology is just around the corner.

The Gateway program will deliver support and resources within identified and designated School and Industry Clusters. It will include regular structured immersive learning opportunities, such as educator workshops delivered by ACS’ ICT Educator Specialist and local Industry Partner discussions (virtually or in-person – with at least one state-wide webinar per quarter).

The program will focus on providing insight to educators on the latest trends and technology developments, leverage current and new educator tools and resources to support the delivery of the Australian Digital Technologies Curriculum, provide context of learning and teaching principles to align them with industry experience and connect educators to a national network of educators.



Resources For Educators

Teacher and Student Resources: Levels 7 - 8

Contains student and teaching resources for topics such as HTML and website development, user experience, binary code, data transmission and algorithms amongst a range of other areas.

ACS Lessons and Units of Work : Levels 9 -10

Lessons and units of work focused on Creating Entrepreneurs; templates to assist with the structure and development of a pitch and resources that target curriculum areas in design and technology, economics and critical and creative thinking.

Resources for Coding Clubs

These resources contain a range of activities to help educators start lunch time or after school ACS Tech Explorers Code Clubs.

ICT Educators Community

ACS understands the vital role that digital technologies plays in education. Sharing our knowledge and helping one and other is at the core of the ACS ICT Educators Community of Practice.

It is a community aimed to provide teachers with support and quality resources to make this happen. Connecting Australian educators enables ideas from the top of Australia, to remote schools to schools around the corner from each other. Technology can give us the power to collaborate and share ideas with educators we would otherwise not know.

To be part of the conversation and share ideas with your peers in the ICT Educators community, register to join the ACS’ ICT Educators Community of Practice.