Upcoming events

Events for ICT Educators


Teaching The Digital Technologies Curriculum (Seconday Teachers)

3rd June 2020 - Explores the Digital Technologies Curriculum through the ACS ICT Educators Program. Be provided with a plethora of activities and resources to help you make sense of the Digital Technologies Curriculum for 7-10.


Creating A Digital Technologies Scope And Sequence

10th June 2020 - Be supported when designing and creating a whole school scope and sequence for the Digital Technologies Curriculum. This webinar will help you create a strategy for successful implementation. 



Events for Students


Tech and Employability Skills Half Day Conference

2nd June 2020 - ACS Tech and Employability Skills Half-Day Conference is targeted towards students currently completing their studies. This special event will allow participants to keep abreast with their professional development through the facilitation of several sessions, highlighting ways in which student and graduates can stand out and succeed as a skilled professional. presenters will share insights on exploring different opportunities in the the tech world.


Virtual Big Day In - Week 2 - Microsoft & Westpac Group

27th May 2020 - Dan Bowen is a technology strategist at Microsoft and works with people to get the most out of technology. He will be presenting on ‘Machines, AI and Future Skills’. Noursin Malki is working in cybersecurity awareness and education with the Westpac Group and has previously worked with SIDA, a government agency of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. She will present 'The Coolest Jobs in Technology'.