July 28 2022

2023 School Leavers’ Guide to Jobs and Training 

The team from ACS Queensland Branch worked together to create the advice for a Digital Technologies career on Page 14 of this publication.


This guide is designed to provide you with a one-stop point of reference for contemporary career resources and information to your next big step; beyond the school gates! The guide should be used in its electronic format so that links to resources and websites remain ‘live’. Content has been divided into sections:

• Career and further study exploration – find resources to help you consider employment and further study options. 

• Subsidised training and incentives – search for subsidised training and financial assistance. 

• Industry specific career exploration – learn about the variety of opportunities across major Queensland job sectors. 

• Preparing to be job ready – find practical tips and information about what it means to be ‘job ready’ from an employer’s viewpoint. 

• Assistance with finding a job – explore useful sites to help you search for and secure employment. 

• Support for young people: mental health and disability support – access links to a range of services and programs designed to assist you with mental illness or disability. 

• Support for year 13 Indigenous Youth – find out about the Youth Employment Program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. 

• Support for young people with cancer – read practical, real examples of overcoming the challenges faced by young people to engage with school, study and work, during and after cancer treatment. 

• Support for young people living out of home – check out a range of apps and resources, including financial budgeting tools to successfully transition to independence.