BiG Day In Gold Coast Returns

Returning after a six year absence, The BiG Day In Gold Coast promises to excite a new wave of tech workers.

The Sunshine Coast and Brisbane BDIs have sold out, and the Gold Coast event, hosted again by Griffith University, promises to do the same.

The mix of Gold Coast, Brisbane, Queensland and Australian presenters will unpack their tech career pathways, highlighting the many positive and exciting possibilities for the wide range of students in the audience.

The list of speakers are ready to share their journeys and shine a light on 'a day in the work life' at tech companies and other businesses. Digital games design, Cyber Security, Business Intelligence, Software Development - the list of disciplines covered will provide a great scope of roles and skills for the Years 10 to 12 students. This event is for those on a tech career pathway looking to gain insights into their next steps in high school and post secondary schooling.

#ictgisp schools receive 10 complimentary tickets for students (teachers are free). The full list of #ictgisp schools can be found via the 'Educators' link above.