BiG Day In Sunshine Coast, 2024

At the ACS Foundation BiG Day In Sunshine Coast on the 13th of March, ACS staff member Matthew Jorgensen took to the stage representing the ICT GISP as well as ACS’s new Digital Careers Young Tech Ambassadors (YTA) school awareness program.

Approximately 400 students were in attendance, from schools as far north as Bundaberg, across the Sunshine Coast including the hinterland and north Brisbane. Students were also able to hear from two Young Tech Ambassadors - Sarah Eisenmenger from Zest Robotics & Jameson Harvey from Red Dirt Robotics.

On arrival students were welcomed with a video that showed what future jobs could look like over the next 6 years and it highlighted the need for skills development especially around problem solving, critical thinking, creativity and people skills. The emphasis for the future is to think about what skills you want to have, and what problems you want to solve. The video can be viewed and shared with students through this link: -  

You can use this video as a discussion session with students and as a debating topic. It also provides a great vehicle for students to research and consider what technical skills could be required for different jobs.