International Women's Day at Stuartholme School

March 2022

ICT Gateway to Industry Schools project has partnered with Brisbane-based online training platform Zenva to provide access to relevant and engaging training in the various popular coding languages.

Zenva Schools is currently being rolled out to ICT Gateway schools across Queensland in an initiative to provide students with the in-demand skills needed to succeed in today’s tech workforce. The online, e-learning platform features courses on programming and software development.

The courses can be tailored to the needs of individual students with a wide range of learning materials, including video lessons and guides created by industry practitioners, downloadable project files, and interactive exercises. Topics covered include general coding, augmented and virtual reality, and game, app and website creation.

“Zenva has been a useful resource throughout the term, as its course is well structured and comprehensive, with easy to understand lessons. I am very excited to be using Zenva in the future, especially for creating games.” Bella, Zenva student. Find out more about Gateway to Industry Schools project: