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Program Criteria

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us – success will come to those who can manage and lead with technology, not just in Information and Communications Technology (ICT), but in any field individuals may enter.

So how do you ensure that you are providing the greatest opportunities for students and educators so that they are not left behind? How do help your students land that dream job, if that job doesn’t yet exist? How do you prepare your teachers for the new wave of technology?

ACS’ ICT GISP is one of the new priority industry sectors involved in the Queensland Government’s key industry-school engagement strategy - the Gateway to Industry Schools program. As part of ACS’ ICT GISP delivery model we are looking to establish School and Industry Clusters in the Metropolitan, South East, Darling Downs / South West, Central Queensland, Wide Bay, North Coast, North Queensland and Far North Queensland regions.

The ICT GISP is inviting P to 12 or secondary schools across Queensland to be part of our program, to provide education and career opportunities for school students and educators by connecting them with industry. The ICT GISP will enable more informed student subject selections, apply more holistic teaching methodologies and support better decisions about student pathways into an ICT career or related industry with these transferrable skills.

Application Process

  1. Complete the expression of interest below

  2. The ACS ICT GISP Project Manager will contact you within 48 hours to profile your school and discuss your eligibility for the program

  3. We’ll complete an application and a tailored, annual engagement plan to onboard you as a Gateway School

  4. ACS and your principal will sign a MoU

  5. We'll connect you with an ICT Industry Partner

  6. You and your IP will collaborate to determine the details of your partnership and engagement



Please register your interest and our ICT GISP Project Manager will contact you to discuss how you could be involved
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